Today’s challenges

The impact of the integration of micro- and nano- technologies to plastic component
manufacturing by injection moulding has already been shown in some restricted areas
such as the recording media industry (CD, DVD and Blue Ray) and more recently the anticounterfeiting holograms. Currently, technologies providing functionality and intelligence to plastic parts thanks to surface micro/nano-texturation only exist for very specific approaches. Consequently, the plastic industry lacks a generic way of developing new products and bringing them onto the market. Additionally, long duration of the development cycles, high costs and high risks, very often prevent the industry to “move to micro/nano”.


Some key figures

Work programme: FP7 Cooperation, FoF-NMP 2010

Start: May 2010

Duration: 3 years

Total Budget: 7 M €

Partners: 15







Update about the final closing event!

The project ended at the end of April 2013 with a closing event at the PEP. The event gathered more than 60 people.

After a conference session presenting the results of IMPRESS, the participants attended a demonstration of the platform and technologies exhibitions from the partners.

Exhibition of the CROSPON's microneedles